Sugar cane waste, known as bagesse

Sugar cane waste, known as bagesse

Achyro is one of the TodayTomorrow Ventures ("TTV") group of companies, a varied consortium of subsidiary companies that operates in Ethiopia.

TTV became interested in paper products as a result of our other existing businesses operating in Ethiopia.  Those businesses frequently uncover new opportunities to manufacture more products, while being keenly aware of the licensed business categories within which any Ethiopian company is permitted to operate.  TTV's strategy of independent subsidiary companies -- each operating in a unique market segment -- combining across a wide array of market segments, lets us contribute in many ways to the value chain so necessary for a nation's business sustainability.

In 2018, we saw an opportunity to manufacture paper-based drinking straws in Ethiopia.  Plastics are being phased out world-wide, plus it's very expensive to import a shipping container filled mostly with air.  Moreover, our other businesses have significant and expanding needs for paper products.

Thus, Achyro Paper Manufacturing, Plc, came to be. 

Meanwhile, TTV's management team is proud of its over-a-decade of social responsibility.  In addition to numerous community beneficial interactions relating to our farms and factories, we are internationally known for our non-profit educational organization (NGO) called STEM Synergy.  Our NGO provides to Ethiopia extensive hands-on enrichment programs in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics...  abbreviated as "STEM" ... to such an extent that we partner with UNESCO, and are involved in every regional state of the Ethiopian nation (and are also involved in nearby nations.)  The same people who created Achyro also are the founders of STEM Synergy (www.StemSynergy.org).